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Hi guys

guess there’s nothin’ much for today but i still got some cool shit to update my blog

check out this track form EDC and Just Blaze – Act like U know

here’s the link – -> http://www.imeem.com/wyattdai/music/9YRRkAHk/chen_guan_xi_act_like_u_know/

i think it’s vry cool at the begining of the song 😀

but honestly i just like the way they pronouce C-L-O-T it would be sound like 4-แอล-โอ-ที๊ in Thai DOPE ! right ? 😀

that’s it for today

nite guys 😀


Greennut Experience

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G to the R to the double E to the N and yup to the N-U-T !

Today i got one of the dopest crispy green peas for all of u 😀

i’m sure that most of you guys had an experience with these littile peas before …right ?

but for ones who havn’t try it before i suggest that u go to ur nearest supermarket 7/11 Family Mart or whatever u got right NOW !! and grab one !!!!!


oh n one more thing i think that it’ll taste better if u eat it with whisky ..right JEAR ? lol

anyway here’s the pic of Greennut 

i’m out now 😀


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let’s get this Blog rollin’ and kickin’ 😀

first of all i gotta say ‘ Hi Axx- ‘ to all my readers ..some of you may know what xxand- are hehe heh

well i can’t think of anything today but i’ll try to update this blog as often as possible 😀


nite guys 😉